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Mother Earth News, Sep/Oct 1987
The Easiest Seed-Saving Crops
By Nancy Bubel

This crop self-pollinates but it may also be cross-pollinated by row-hopping insects. If you intend to save seed from more than one variety, grow them at opposite ends of the garden. Leave the fruit on the plant until it has lost its glossy sheen and firmness - well past the point when you'd want to eat it. Eggplant seeds can be scraped and rinsed free of pulp without much difficulty.

The Arc Institute

Eggsplants love heat, the hotter the better. The seeds need soil at 85 degrees in order to germinate. Eggplants not harvested when fully grown will go to seed, the tiny brown seeds inside ripening and the surrounding fruit bitter. Plant 3/8” deep, 18” apart in rows 3’ wide.