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TOPIC: Find Water

Drinking water needs are often Underestimated. Ground water, such as Springs, or Wells such as DeepRock wells, may be cleaner than surface water, and Dowsing, even with Coat Hangers, can help locate sources. Information on dowsing and groundwater sources are available on the Internet. There are deep well Limitations. Windmill Wells help assure a steady supply. Water can be Recycled, and conserved when water is Precious. Where and How to locate water can be found from observing the lay of the land. Places where clean water can be collected easily are called Water Collectors. A Hill Catch can collect runoff from rains, into various Rainwater Tanks or a Homemade Catch, and the Rainwater harvest estimated. A Fog Harvest collected in Cloth can be done even in a desert, an Air Well can be constructed to collect Dew, and a Tent constructed over a vent. Dirty water can be Filtered, and there are Old Fashioned methods that work. Some plants, such as Cactus, store water. The new worldwide Water Atlas can assist in assessments.