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TOPIC: Means

Vacuum Sealing, packing in Nitrogen, or Dehydrating foods are options. Using Diatomaceous Earth such as Perma Guard helps avoid insects, but there are Aluminum and Fluoride concerns. Infestations are not necessarily spoilage. Foods that Store Well and can be stocked ahead of time in Buckets or Cans, but avoid Plastic Containers and Plastic Jugs. Reserves will be needed. Stashing in Concrete Culverts should avoid Liquefaction problems. A dedicated Troubled Times member explains How To store grain and beans. Before the advent of refrigerators, food was chilled in ice boxes replenished from Ice Houses stocked during the winter months. Why a Foil Coil can preserves food is explained by a Theory proposed by Lakhovsky, which Books & Articles detail. Canned foods have Date Codes such as Best By, which don't necessarily reflect the life of the product.