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TOPIC: Fertilizer

Many farmlands are Depleted, are without Trace Minerals, so gather soil for a survival site that is Not Farmland soil. Woods Soil or river bank soil is best, and perform a Soil Test. There are some Essential ingredients, and plant Deficiencies are identifiable. Volcanic Dust fallout may deplete soils further, as Acid Rain does. When commercial Fertilizer such as Azomite is no longer available, soil can be replenished from many sources such as Blood and Bone meal, Ashes, Sawdust, Ground Rock, Compost, Kelp or Seaweed for those near coastlines, or such practices as Crop Rotation or Recycling waste. There are many Organic Sources of fertilizer. A Home Made rock crusher can be constructed. Manure, a Composting Toilet using Human Manure, Urine, and using Gray Water fertilize. There are Concerns and Parasite considerations, and Reassurances.