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TOPIC: Hunting

Hunting skills, particularly during a long cold Winter, may be necessary and improve with Practice. Fishing can be done with a Fish Net, a Fish Trap, a Boat, Hook & Line, and Bait. Fish Hooks can be made from bone. Even Carp can be made edible. Crayfish can be caught by Trawling. Hunting can be done with Guns such as a Pellet Rifle, bow and arrow, or by one's hands and wit. Replacement and repair should be considered. Birds are good to eat, and Doping Birds with alcohol is one such technique. Hunting or trapping wild Rabbit or Turkey is possible. The likely Prey can be calculated, with decreasing Deer and increasing Bears. The right Mindset also helps. The sling can be used even by children, and Usenet Archives describe Throwing techniques, Ammo, Construction techniques, the Results, merits of Sling vs Bow, variants such as the Staff Sling, and information Resources. Diseases in wildlife, such as Wasting Disease in deer and elk, should be avoided.