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TOPIC: Algae

A primitive plant that should be considered a Primary Source of food, algae is an excellent Food Source, can be Fully Utilized, is an efficient Nutrient Producer and can be grown in the Aftertime. As the Spirulina company explains, the Spirulina Algae gives an Immunity Boost and Reduces Allergies. Many Articles & Books have been written, in many languages, about how to grow and eat spirulina. Additional fresh water algae are Chlorella and the Super Blue Green variety grown at Cel Tech and the Klamath Lake variety grown commercially in oregon. Salt water algae are called Sea Vegetables. Algae in Haiwaii is called Limu, and there are many Edible Limu prepared and eaten in Haiwaii. Algae grows happily in water polluted with the runoff from plant nutrients or sewage effluent, but Contamination of the harvest should be guarded against. Dried Algae may not contain Live Algae to seed your own Indoor Pond, which must address Lighting and pH Balance concerns for those who want to Grow My Own. A recent addition of algae that can grow Without Sunlight holds hope.