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If Buckwheat is a grain you haven't eaten before, you're about to discover a tiny seed that's packed with hearty goodness. It is sold as buckwheat groats (whole seeds), grits (finely ground), or buckwheat flour. When the seeds are roasted, it's called kasha, an old Russian term. Kasha is available as whole groats and in coarse, medium, and fine grinds. All have a nut-like flavor.

Whatever its form, buckwheat is the best source of high biological protein in the entire plant kingdom. It has over 90% of the value of non-fat milk solids and over 80% of whole egg solids. In other words, buckwheat protein comes closer to animal protein than any other plant and no more calories than wheat products or most other grains. It is high in potassium and phosphorus and the green immature plant contains large amounts of rutin. Buckwheat also contains 50% more vitamin B than wheat. This versatile grain boosts the flavor, fiber and nutrition of a wide variety of recipes including soups,salads, stews, and sweets.

For a buckwheat cookbook, send $2.50 to cover postage and handling to:

Pocono Buckwheat Cookbook
PO Box 440PC
Penn Yan, NY 14527

Birkett Mills in New York state also has Recipes and growing tips on buckwheat available.

Offered by Toni.

I found buckwheat flour in my local grocery store and my family and I have enjoyed buckwheat pancakes and waffles a couple of times already. They are heavy and very dark in coloration. The recipe also calls for an equal amount of regular wheat. It's very expensive, but I wanted to try it out before I start worrying about how to mill my own, etc.

Offered by Roger.