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Below I have translated important information taken from The Doctors Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia, about those amino acids which are non-essential but often beneficial.

Non-essential amino acids
Amino acidEffect(s)Intake p/day
L-Aspartic acid
  • might help overcome the rigors of opiate withdrawal
  • fights fatigue
    • no significant side effects
  • max. 1.5 gr
  • L-Cysteine
  • might increase 'survival' time (in that it extends lifespan, protects against degenerative diseases linked to aging- cysteine is an established anti-oxidant)
  • protects against certain toxins and pollutants (acetaldehyde, aldehydes, sigarrette smoke, carcinogens, etc.) when combined with vit. C and B1
  • can cause kidney stones(see intake p/day)
  • can interfere with insulin, so not to be taken by diabetics!
  • those suffering from Chinese restaurant syndrome should not take cysteine (it can increase the toxicity of monosodium glutamate. Symptoms are: headache, burning sensations, sometimes dizziness and disorientation following the digestion of monosodium-glutamate-laced foods)
  • take up to 1.5 gr. (or up to 2 gr. for a couple of days)
  • take with vit. C (two to three times the amount of cysteine) as a precaution against kidney-stone and bladder-stone formation
  • L-Tyrosine
  • mental energizer and stress reliever (more alert, more efficient, less anxious, fewer discomfort at ascending altitude, less muscle soreness, less headaches and more resistance to cold)
  • effective anti-depressant
  • may help relieve symptoms of PMS (premenstrual syndrome)
  • addictive-drug detoxifier
  • in some it may elevate blood pressure, people with high blood pressure should not take tyrosine!
  • elevates blood pressure dangerously when combined with anti-depressants containing monoamine oxidase inhibitors
  • migraine sufferers might find this amino acid to increase the incidents of migraine head aches
  • for PMS take 500 mg. before each of the three meals. (try 1 gr. if 500 mg. is not effective)
  • to counteract stress(better take before stressful situations will be encountered) take 1.5 gr.
  • for depression take 1.5 mg. up to 12 gr.(12 gr. for a week or two)

    Do not combine with other amino acids. Take with a max. of 50 mg. of vit. B6. Take on an empty stomach!

  • Offered by Michel.