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Extra for Children

Below I have translated important information taken from The Doctors Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia, about those amino acids which will be required for children growing up in the coming Aftertime.

Extra essential for children
Amino acidEffect(s)(for adults too)Intake p/day
  • counteracts rheumatoid arthritis
  • boosts activity of suppressor T cells(rheumatoid arthritis is one of many autoimmune diseases in which suppressor T-cell activity is subnormal)
    • no significant side effects
  • against rheumatoid arthritis take 1-1.5 gr.
  • L-Arginine

    Note: is conditionally/ essential for adults

  • boosts very significantly immunity!(promotes production of more and more active and effective lymphocytes which are crucial for immunity. And it stimulates the thymus gland and improves secretion of endocrine hormones ergo overal a greater resistence against infections!)
  • fights infection
  • is an enhanced wound-healer after injury and improves healing of burns!
  • has dramatic anti-tumor properties(regresses cancer, slows down it's growth and/or decreases it's incidence)
  • inhibitor of loss of muscle tissue after injury or surgery
  • has a detoxifying property(detoxifies some harmful substances(like ammonia) as a liver-detoxifying agent)
  • enhances male fertility(enough to result in pregnancies)
  • children should not take supplementary arginine until their long-bone growth is complete(can cause, in large doses, skin and bone disorders)
  • causes nausea and diarrhea when taken at very high doses(these effects quickly recede when doses are lowered)
  • prolonged high doses might pose some peril to those with some forms of kidney and liver failure(only to be used under knowledgable supervision)
  • max. 1 gr. for non-adults and those with some forms of kidney and liver failure
  • for burns, infection, injury and male fertility doses are unknown. It is better to be safe and take not more than 1.5 gr. Higher dosages better to be taken no longer than a couple of days
  • When a dramatically enhanced lymphocyte activity is desired within just 4 days(for example to fight a nasty infection/prevent infection when infection is spreading from one person to another) then take a high doses(10-30 gr.) for a max. of one week!(better NOT for people with a liver disorder)

    Take on an empty stomach. Do not take combined with other amino acids at the same time. Arginine can be combined though with lysine(see lysine) at the same time

  • Offered by Michel.