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Below I have translated important information taken from The Doctors Vitamin and Mineral Encyclopedia, about essential amino acids which will be necessary to maintain life in the coming Aftertime.

Essential Amino acids
Amino acidEffect(s)Intake p/day
  • provides pain relief (only DL-Phenylalanine does this which is available in health food stores too)
  • dispels depression
  • elevates blood pressure (not to be used by people with high blood pressure!)
  • Dangerous in combination with anti-depressant drugs which contain momoamine oxidase inhibitors. Combination causes dangerously high blood pressure
  • may help nourish the growth of pigmented melanoma (form of skin cancer) when already present. It doesn't produce melanoma though when melanoma are not present!
  • persons with PKU (phenylketonuria, an inherited inability to metabolize L-phenylalanine) should avoid phenylalanine supplements!
  • Max. 1.5 grams
  • DL-ph. comes in 375 mg. doses
  • L-ph. comes usually in 500 mg. doses
  • as anti-depressant take with L-ph. 20-30 mg. of vitamin B6 on an empty stomach for maximum effect.
  • L-Leucine

    Note: Leucine, isoleucine and valine are the branched-chain amino acids

  • restores muscle mass in those who have liver disease, those who have undergone surgery and those who have suffered injury or other trauma.
  • treats and in some cases reverses a form of liver damage called hepatic encephalopathy, a frequent feature of alcoholism (helps curb muscle wasting caused by this disease. Also it helps prevent a number of adverse neurologic effects of chronic liver disease through their actions on brain neurotransmitters)
    • no significant side effects
    • no specifics
  • natural sleeping aid
  • reduces and most times cures chronic insomnia
  • reduces severity of anxiety attacks
  • reduces significantly aggressive behavior
  • controls partially and sometimes wholly the manic phase of the manic-depressive disorder
  • reduces and can cure a number of depression types
  • relieves some chronic pains
  • appetite suppresser (in lean to mildly obese humans only)
  • reduces severity of hyperventilation attacks when combined with vitamin B6
    • no significant side effects
  • as a natural sleeping aid take 1-2 gr. just before bedtime with carbohydrates
  • against insomnia take 2 gr. of tryptophan thirty minutes before bedtime, for three days in a row. Then four days without etc. 'till it's over.
  • as reliever of chronic pain take 1-3 gr. with carbohydrate rich diet (this combination boosts levels of serotonin and diminishes pain)
  • as appetite suppresser take 2-3 gr.
  • as reducer of panic, anxiety and hyperventilation attacks take 2-3 gr. with vitamin B6
  • L-Lysine
  • reduces recurrence rate of herpes outbreaks (it does not reduce duration or severity of herpes once underway)
  • regenerates and strengthens muscle (only in those who regularly do hard labor/exercise)
    • no significant side effects
  • in order to reduce recurrence rate of herpes outbreaks take up to 1.5 gr
  • to regenerate and strengthen muscles use (1200 mg) together with arginine(1200 mg). This combination promotes a significant release of GH (growth hormone) which in turn improves overall health and immunity when the physique is exercised regularly (whether it be through training or physical labor (long walks/working with heavy equipment))
  •  Offered by Michel.