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TOPIC: Weeds

Since many people will not be able to grow hydroponic plants due to either lack of equipment or know how after the pole shift, the best alternative solution is Foraging or to set up some form of Weed Farm. The entire Dandelion Plant is edible, with Recipes and Cooking Tips. Bamboo is edible and there are Harvesting and Growing tips. Cattails, many Lichen, Seaweed, Chicory, Sorrel, Burdock, Mulberry, weeds for Salads and Many Others are edible. Grasses should grow well in the Aftertime climate. Weeds such as Lemon Grass are a great addition to the herb garden. Canadian native Sweetgrass is a survivor. The Prickly Pear cactus has Many Benefits beyond being an excellent food source. Traditional Flowers also are often edible. When selecting unfamiliar weeds from the wild, an Edibility Test should be done to ensure they are not Poisonous Plants, but the Poke Plant can be eaten. Weeds are also a rich source of vitamins such as Vitamin C from Dandelion or Scurvy Grass, which is a common grass in Scotland. A Belgium friend is growing edible shrubs and has a Database listing them, and many information Sources exist. Kudzu is Edible, but there are serious Cautions in its use, though some Troubled Times members feel they could Control and Use Kudzu.