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This is an exerpt from In-Tele-Health, a highly accurate and scientifically supported source of info. I would also like to add that eggs should not be eaten raw from a cholestrol point of view (not indicated below). Although cooked eggs eggs do not contribute to cardiovascular disease, raw Whites of eggs do affect Choiestrol levels. Egg whites should be cooked completely (hard), yolks may be soft, as in soft boiled or poached eggs, the reason is that together cooked whites counteract the cholestrol from yolks, so one part cancels out the other.

Offered by Jan.

Eggs should not be eaten raw as (unless cooked) the Avidin in Egg Whites binds with Biotin in Egg Yolks preventing Biotin's absorption. Eggs should be stored in the refrigerator to avoid the risk of food poisoning from Salmonella Bacteria with which some may be contaminated. Despite its high Cholesterol content, statistics seem to exonerate the Egg from the blame for Cardiovascular Disease.