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My Chickens generally lay one egg each a day, but sometimes they don't lay at all. Don't get discouraged if they don't lay every day; they will always come through on another day. I have 7 laying hens, some of which just started laying, and I get anywhere from 2-4 eggs a day. It also depends on the season, and what the temperature is. Hens usually lay better without roosters in their pen, also.

I have never noticed that chickens lay better without roosters. I have 10 hens and three (very happy) roosters. My sister next door has about 20 hens that are just now starting to lay. She is getting about 4 eggs a day. She (still) has about 10 roosters and this does not seem to affect the hens at all. You don't need roosters at all just to get eggs. Only if you want fertile eggs and want to make a few roosters happy. I can't tell you the biological reasons why chickens lay eggs without a rooster, but they do. They just are not fertile unless a rooster has done his thing first. I guess it's like the chicken is going to lay eggs anyway, without the rooster. The only way they will be fertile is if he gets lucky first. The mixing happens in the chicken.

Her chicken hut is built very well and warm. The chickens are still laying. Mine on the other hand is cold as of yet. My hens quit laying. Temperature is a big factor in whether hens lay or not going hand in hand with the season.

Offered by Clipper.