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Does anybody know how many eggs a chicken is generally lays in one day? I am trying to figure out how much protein in this way will be available on a daily basis, protein is of the utmost importance.

Offered by Michel.

The number of eggs depends on the season, the amount of light. Some days none, some many.

Offered by Toni.

According to a USDA report, the average hen lays about 21 eggs per month, or roughly four eggs per week. That is with commercial production feeds and methods. Post pole shift, home grown methods would be considerably less efficient.

Offered by George.

Diet and stress factors are important as well in egg production.

Offered by Gus.

We have 13 chickens we hope to get eggs from this winter (well 11 and 2 roosters), a friend has about 30 chickens. They get about 2 dozen a day from them depending on the season. They seem to slow down in the winter a little. Our chickens are part of the self subsistence program we are getting into.

Offered by Clipper.

Okay, so 30 chickens for about 24 eggs a day. Lets say this would be for a very good day. For a bad day I would bring the amount down to half the production, so that will be 12 eggs a day. If I factor the stress in, the lack of nutritional food, the cold, the lack of light and perhaps the moisture which will kill off some chickens now and then by worsening any complications or illness that lays dormant. Perhaps if you divide the chickens into groups in separated coops in case illness breaks out, the loss would be less. 30 chickens, 10 die off, leaving 20 chickens. With the above circumstances I would expect no more than 1 egg per chicken per week, that still will be 20 eggs a week! In a community the amount of chickens will need to be much higher.

Offered by Michel.