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TOPIC: Storage

The Basics of Food Storage apply when freezing or canning food are not an option due to lack of equipment or power, but there are Pros and Cons to these techniques. Time honored Smoking or Drying Techniques such as the Foxfire Tips or Backwoods tips can keep crops from spoiling, and Jerky, or Biltong as it's sometimes called, lasts for years. A Make Shift dehydrator, such as one placed above a Light Bulb, can be devised. Grains need to be Winnowed Clean prior to storage. Various cooking staples such as Vinegar, Herbs and Spices, Salt, Fats and Oils, Sugars, Liquid Sugars, and Leavening Agents have storage considerations, as do Milk Products. Powdered Infant Formula lasts longer than canned formula. Molds in Food can develop but we can Minimize Molds or Prevent Molds, and there are techniques for dealing with Molds in Canned Goods and Mold in Grains and legumes. Botulism and Bacterial Spoilage can also develop. Dehydrated foods can be purchased, but when Buying Bulk shop carefully. Hard Tack and such atypical foods as Dog Food or Pigeon Food are options.