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The home-systems, gardens, etc. I design are sure to attract some attention as they are geared for ultimate survival and thrival (to thrive). They are able to with stand disaster of the magnitude associated with the pole shift and are able to regenerate any losses incurred. My primary work deals with the use of natural materials, recycled products, efficient design (modeling or mimicking nature) and of course Geodesic Domes. I have a particularly apt design for a home-system, a hybrid of sorts, of such an area as much as 6000+ sq. ft. living space, on 3 floors. It has an average insulation R-value of 40 or more all around. It is designed to accommodate as many as 30 people, yet can be managed by 1 or 2. Traditional post and beam techniques use most of the materials, yet the dome component contains the most space. A variety of textures and surfaces use such materials and mixtures as cob, woddle and daub, clay/straw (insulation in forms for walls), concrete and clay (great for floors and stucco), strawbale (for walls in straight forms or sections), concrete/sand/sawdust mixes (for exterior walk ways and secondary foundation insulation) and more. Nothing is wasted, everything is used.

Best estimates for this home-system, depending upon local cost of materials, labor, extras, accommodations, taxes, etc. and the amount of "sweat equity" the new occupants want to provide, are easily under $100,000.00. Most can be done for about $60,000 to $90,000. All this includes the house, the windows, flooring, most fixtures, all plumbing, total electrical system, doors, hardware, etc. not to mention the water, sunlight, soil, etc. Why buy or build a home that requires you to pay for it over and over again just to keep it up (not to mention the loan from the bank if applicable). Heat is free, water is free, much of the gas for fuel is free (just eat and go to the potty!), hot water is free, food is soon to be free, etc. Why build just a house when you can build a complete home-system for the same price as, or less than the cost of a conventional home? (And why live in a square/cubical house when we all live on a round/spherical planet?)

Our homes, thus our culture, are a reflection of the spiritual, economic, infrastructure, social relationship with the earth. Any attempt to do otherwise, modes which are not aligned with natural forces and mathematical patterns of Universe, are sure to be destroyed or ultimately come to ruin both their own structure as well as the folks living (or dying) within (then without) them. Build it right the first time and all that atrophy will not happen, thus we should have less then to worry about and more time to get the rest of the real work done.

Offered by Steven.