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I am a Certified Permaculture Design Consultant. Permaculture is (amongst many definitions, depending upon context) the acclimated, holistic design implementation of agriculturally productive, economically viable, and socially stable eco-systems which are as resilient, regenerative, and mature as the earth's eco-systems where ever. I design gardens, and other agriculture, home-systems often in relation to this (permanent agriculture culture), communities, infrastructure (home-systems in masse, collectively), transportation, economic systems, etc. generally on a community level with emphasis on the local area, bio-region, wildlife, as well as people.

I am available for consultation whether through email, snail mail, phone, or by visitation. I am happy to give free tidbits of advice. Complete land assessments, home-system designs, feng shui divination, water dousing, and other services are available based on sliding scale fees appropriate to the income level of the recipient. If you are endeavoring to build a home yourself or if you would like something planned, implemented and built (or from any phase) from start to finish feel free to contact me at the above address. Be safe, and be prepared. For whatever becomes of the pole shift or any other disaster then we need to have stability and sustainable, regenerative means of survival and thriving.

Offered by Steven.