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There is a seed saving network where you can get heirloom (non-hybrid) seeds around the U.S. I don't have the address handy, but if you search for seed saving on the net you should pick it up.

Offered by Mike G.

No discussion of saving seed would be complete without mention of Kent Whealy's Seed Savers Exchange, a wonderful grassroots network of gardeners who keep and trade seeds of homegrown vegetable varieties. Kent started the exchange soon after his wife's grandfather died. The old man had recently given the young couple seeds for tomatoes, beans and morning-glories that his forebears had saved since emigrating from Bavaria four generations before. Realizing how close his family had come to losing this unique legacy, Whealy wondered how many more heirloom varieties were in an equally precarious position.

The Seed Savers Exchange Kent organized to help preserve such heirlooms works on two levels. "Non listed members" can buy the two annual publications for $12, then order seed from members for $1 per sample. "Listed members" (those who offer vegetable seed for trade) can get seed free from other members by sending postage with their requests.

Seed Savers Exchange
R.R. 3, Box 239,
Decorah, IA 52101

For non-hybrid seeds, check: