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TOPIC: Hydroponics

Produce grown while suspended in recycled, Nutrient rich water in an indoor agriculture method that supplies Large Quantities of fresh, insect free Produce such as Lettuce year round. Some crops are Continuous, but in all cases Yields are higher than soil based gardens. Where Grass for animals can be grown, this is not an Efficient production of food. Hydroponic agriculture is not difficult, Simple Systems such as an Ebb & Flow can be constructed, and growing Your Own can be done in the home or Quonset Hut. A Home-Made nutrient solution can be produced from composting worm beds, and the pH balanced with Wood Ash. Volcanic Ash will provide nutrients. Indoor Pollination and Stressing the plants may need an assist to increase the yield and/or produce seed. Hydroponics or Aeroponics is the garden of choice for the planned Space Station. A Troubled Times TEAM is developing skills in hydroponics. Maintaining the right pH Balance of the water is important, and a Growing Guide can help. Complete assistance in Setting Up a hydroponic system, including education, training, Supplies, and reference materials can be secured from several sources: