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TOPIC: Carbon Arc

A quick glance into the recent past shows the History of Carbon Arc included using them as Street Lights in the streets of London and Paris. The light from Carbon Arc is equivalent to sunlight, and is extremely Bright, UV Intensive! At start-up the rods need to be in contact with each other, then pulled apart to create the arc. Because Carbon Arc consumes the carbon rods, for continuous operation over many hours a Mechanism needs to be in place to move the rods toward each other, steadily, using Solenoids which adjust per the voltage. Carbon Arc rods last longer if Enclosed in Glass, by an 80/1 margin. Carbon Arc is in essence a lost art, but the concept remains the same, and is often Child's Play, a childhood experiment. A Troubled Times member Constructed an arc at home but found Making the Rods requires a Manufacturing process, not easily done as this Carbon Black process describes. Thus, using old Battery Cores is the immediate solution! Carbon Arc is also uses a lot of electric current, another Consumption problem. Carbon Arc parts can be Purchased, some manufactured, some from old stock.