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TOPIC: Sources

Animal Fat or oil can be burned in a lamp such as the Sudipa, and even Torch made. Chemical Light Sticks such as Cyalume or Fluorescent Plastic offer a Short Term solution in a pinch. The Krill Lamp and Photon lamps are bright. The Mantle Lantern powered lighthouses in the past. The chemical Titanium Dioxide tripped with a weak laser also emites light, and information Sources exist. Newly discovered Silicate Phosphors emit white light when excited by UV. Phosphorescent Pigments exist. Available sunlight could be intensified by unbreakable plastic Fresnel Lenses such as those marketed by Edmund Scientific, or a Roof Deflection or Tubular Skylight. A Troubled Times member has constructed a Long Lasting flourescent tube using Car Parts and a Parts List, with a hV Connection and a Caution. The Hydrocoil heats water while extending bulb life.