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TOPIC: Windmills

Windmills act as a pollution free power source that is nearly as cost effective as conventional sources. Efficiency must be increased to support Hydroponics. Innovative windmill designs such as the low wind Satec or low priced Saronan or the wind turbine EcoQuest are coming on the market. For information consult windmill manufacturers, the American Wind Energy Association and their Archives, Small Turbine resources, or sources such as Bergey Windpower, Whisper Generators which offers Small/Portable windmills, or Home Power magazine, or Wind Power sites. A number of Portable windmill options exist. Placement in order to Catch the Wind or having a Wind Focus is also important, as are factors such as Wind Speed and blade size. Tilt-up Towers provide flexibility, as De-Mounting is necessary in High Wind. Information on the wind energy potential within the US is available, and being Promoted by the DOE. People Power and windpower for Communities is the trend in Europe. High Winds can cause problems unless a Brake or Lock or Mount/Dismount mechanism is in place. Ice in winter is also a concern. Cost, choice of 2 or 3 Blades, size and weight options such as a 20 kW output mill, the availability of Replacement Parts are all factors in the Make or Buy decision, and Windstream Power provides details. Used Windmills are available.