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TOPIC: Hydroelectric

When one Compares Costs of hydroelectric power to other off-the-grid electric sources such as solar power or gasoline generators, hydroelectric power is quite inexpensive! A Troubled Times member has worked up the requirements for a Model System, and calculated the costs for a Micro-Hydro Installation. There is a Cost Range between small and large systems. If one lives near a small mountain stream, a High Head system can take advantage of the altitude drop. The altitude drop can also Pump Water through simple mechanical means. The ram pump can pump Standing Water uphill with no power required. Even a small stream can generate power with an Aquagen. Components for hydroelectric systems can be Purchased, and one can even build their own Ram Pump with a Back-to-Basics approach. Even the tide can be captured to create hydroelectric energy, as Blue Energy explains! A low power output can be Boosted.