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TOPIC: Illumination

The Aftertime will be Gloomy, unable to meet the Requirements for Full Spectrum and Blue Light needed for Health and Photosynthesis. Achieving this indoors requires Planning, as Too Much light, the Wrong Spectrum, or low Intensity matter. Indoor Gardening factors are Hours/Day of light, which can be increased with Reflectors, and Space/Person. The relative Efficiency of lighting methods should be considered. Maximum Efficiency of Watts/Plant can be calculated, as in examples for Metal Halide or Street Lamps. Reference Material on these matters, including Lux Meters, are available. The most durable and efficient Light Bulbs are Halogen Quartz Lamps, car and truck headlights. Lighting varies by Bulbs & Filters. Light bulbs and their Filaments will shatter during the pole shift earthquakes, and Bulb Replacement poses many problems and requires Expertise, but can be Home-Made!

The ultimate answer to having a stock of common incandescent light bulbs Last 100 Years or more is Low Voltage, the theory behind Long-Life Bulbs but Fluorescent bulbs cannot benefit from this.