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Use commonly available wood, dry wall screws, 2 door hinges, 2 small screen door strength springs, 2 hose clamps, wire, amp and volt meter, and car battery.

The hinge (door hinges with dry wall screws holding it) point that holds the drills as generators in place is a 2" x 4" wood.

A 1" x 4" peace of wood and 3/4 inch copper pipe clamps are used to hold the unit to the frame.

The base of each drill is screwed down to the hinged 2" x 4" base using 3 or more dry wall screws (one long screw is behind and out of site) and a wood spacer to level it out.

A hose clamp with wire around it is attached to a spring as show.

The following shows how the springs are attached to the frame to hold tension on the generator drive wheel with respect to the hinge point.

At right is a 3/8" flat washer, lock washer, and two nuts being used on each side of the drive wheel to lock the 3/8" shaft in place on the lawn mower wheel. Lawn mower wheels come with different size holes. Typically 3/8 inch and .5 inch are the most common. If you use a wheel with a .5 inch hole for the shaft then use a short section of .5 inch OD aluminum pipe (Home Depot has it) as a bushing. A 5.5" length of 3/8 inch treaded bolt can be used for the shaft.

A flat is sanded or filed on each of three sides to allow the drill chuck to easily grip the shaft, as below.

Offered by Mike.