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Found this ad in my AAA magazine. Uses standard flashlight bulbs.

Offered by Pat.

Emergency Flashlight Deluxe Model - Self-Powered! No Batteries! No Recharging! Lasts a Lifetime! Never be caught in the dark without the 100% reliable Dynamo Flashlight with Nite-Glow locator strip. Uniquely powered by a mini-generator. Simply press lever. Presto! Darkness turns into light! A must for glove compartment, garage, basement, nightstand, boat, plane, tent, tool box, or for any disaster - fire, flood, earthquake, power failure, etc. You'll save a bundle on batteries and re-charge units. Lightweight, compact, durable, shock resistant, waterproof, and guaranteed to light every time. Only $9.95. Bonus savings! Buy 2 get 1 free. Only $19.95. Save big! Buy 3, get 2 free. Only $29.95.

Rush Ind. Inc., Dept. DF468VAShipping charges:
75 Albertson Ave.$2.95 for 1
Albertson, NY 11507$4.95 for 3
$5.95 for 5
Credit Card Buyers call 1-516-741-0346

I already did purchase one. It's a Russian flashlight. Squeeze the handle and it lights up. The faster you squeeze, the more light you get. My kids loved it for 48 hours. Can't even find it now. It does not need batteries, just a hand that works.

Offered by John.

My two children got those things in their Christmas stockings. They run about $14.00 each. They make a lot of noise, don't shed a whole lot of light, and they tend to wear out one's hand in the spirit of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For my family it was a fifteen minute novelty, relegated to the back of the sock drawer. However, some dark night three years from now, when I want to read something, I'm sure I'll be happy for a noisy, hand hurting little pumper.

Offered by Laura.

I am aware of two versions of this unit. One is called The Russian Pumper. The other is made in the US, I believe. Both sell for about the same price. They have a spring loaded handle with a gear on it that turns a small dynamo or generator as you squeeze the handle. For short term use they work well. To use these for any length of time your hands get tired and you can't hold the beam steady and squeeze at the same time. The light dies off rapidly when you stop. I recommend replacing the filament light bulb with a led white light replacement flash light bulb. This is made up of 3 white LED's and draws about 60 ma. They are still a bit pricey but if you do this the pumping pressure goes down and the light stays on a bit longer and it produces about 5 times more light. I tested the light output with a LUX meter. I haven't tested this with the Russian pumper but did test it with the Dynamo Quake Light by Panashiba. All of the squeeze type of lights I consider not very practical. They are not industrial strength and won't last very long before the gears become striped, or some other mechanical problem develops. A better solution is a rechargeable LED flash light with a way to charge it. You can also get them at:

Major Army Navy Surplus
435 W. Alondra Blvd.
Gardena, CA 90248

The Russian ones cost $9.95 or 2 or more $9.25 each (Pat's source is cheaper for quantity). Don't recall the cost of the others but they were around the same price maybe a little more.

Offered by Mike.