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For generators, 12 volt DC is about all you will find. For 120v AC, I would use an inverter off a battery. For small loads, inverters can be found in a Damark catalog or your local auto parts store. For bigger loads, check out the inverter sources previously listed for renewable energy resellers in the energy forum, For 220 volts plan on an additional $350 or so for a 120v to 220/240v transformer.

Keep in mind, cranking by hand will probably get you a sustained rate of about 50 watts. Pedaling you can average about 125 watts, or 1/6 hp (divide by 746 for horsepower, 125 / 746 = 0.17hp), also if the voltmeter reads 12.6 volts typically, an ammeter will be at 10amps. At a sustained clip, a maximum of 350 watts can be achieved for short bursts, or up to 1500 watts if you use a flywheel. For large loads this is not practical without a battery or battery bank. Between the generator and the battery you will have a reverse current diode. This prevents the battery turning the generator like a motor when not in use.

Offered by Steve.