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I have one of these radios. They also take an adapter for AC power. They are a little noisy and there is a bit of hum in the sound. The noisy part is with the spring. But outside of my stereo system it has the best FM reception in the house. Other radio's I have can't even think of getting stations I routinely get with this radio. I assume that the Short-wave is just as good. This is a good deal. I also have a set of the new(old) Russian made dynamo flash lights. They work great.

National Geographic catalogue
$109 wind up radio: AM, FM SW.
Wind it for 30 seconds, get 30 minutes of radio reception.

Offered by Eric.


Radio derives its energy from a small wind up generator located on the side of the radio. One minute of wind up produces 40 minutes of AM, FM and short wave playing time.

Phone: (204) 786-8964
Item # 684200

Offered by Chris.

I think we already have info on the BayGen Wind Up Radio, but this is some new info and info on US prices.

Offered by Lou.

FreePlay products use wind-up technology. One item that struck me as useful was the large yellow flashlight which needs 30 seconds of winding up to be used for 2-3 hours. The power generated can also be used to power other equipment.

Offered by Michel.