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A company called Applied Innovative Technologies has created a flashlight that does not use batteries, power is created by shaking it. The price is $79 plus $4 shipping. There address is:

Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc.
PO Box 754
Fort Lupton, CO 80621

(888) 828-1405
(303) 857-1405
FAX (303) 975-5133

In their words:

StarLight(TM) uses a renewable energy storage system to power a high brightness Light Emitting Diode. Specifically, the energy of motion is transformed into electrical energy by means of repeatedly passing a high power magnet through a coil of wire. The electrical energy generated is stored in a capacitor which is then used to power a white light L.E.D. StarLight will therefore never require batteries or filament light bulbs. Consequently, StarLight will always provide highly effective illumination without the need to purchase and discard batteries. Additionally, the StarLight housing is made from recycled polycarbonate ... a practically indestructible light weight material. The unique combination of design and materials insures that StarLight will last your lifetime and beyond. Whenever light is needed to pierce the darkness, whether you are hiking, camping, spelunking,or in an emergency, StarLight can be relied upon to guide the way ...

Offered by Steve.

I purchased the Starlight shake up flashlight at a preparedness expo in Denver and can recommend it. It is not an especially bright light but is waterproof and in theory should perform indefinitely without outside charging.

Offered by Richard.

We also have the wind up torch available in South Africa, they cost about R50 SA thats about $10.

Offered by Ray.