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Note: written Jul 15, 1997

Those humans who are not ready to leave 3rd Density when they die will not reincarnate on Earth. As the Earth is scheduled to become a home for 4th Density entities in the Service-to-Others, these 3rd Density entities will go to a new world elsewhere in the Universe. We are speaking here of spiritual readiness to leave 3rd Density, that the spirits incarnating in these humans have not made their determination whether to be Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. As we have explained, this is not an intellectual choice but rather an emotional choice, and one followed by actions demonstrating that the choice is solid and unwavering. What will this new world be like?

It is a water world, with scarcely a rock or two jutting above the surface of the endless waves. The species on this planet have all evolved from life forms that spend their entire life in the water. Thus, no mammals exist on this planet, since a stint on land, such as occurred in the past for your whales and dolphins, was not possible during their evolutionary past. This world has been a home to incarnating entities for a long time, through several transformations where those ready for 4th Density existence were harvested, leaving those undecided behind. This world has received transplants from other worlds frequently, so there is a broad spectrum of past experiences in the memory of those incarnating there. Humans reincarnating there will find they quickly adjust to living on a water world, having tentacles instead of hands, and tending the occasional batch of eggs.

This planet is carbon based and thus has life forms that have compatible DNA to life forms that have evolved on Earth. Thus, those entities incarnating on Earth in the future will be able to visit this world during their travels as 4th Density entities, acting as alien visitors to this world. Due to their common history, this setup is in fact ideal, as instant empathy would be in place when The Call is given. Humans today receive visitations from 4th Density or higher entities incarnated as water life forms - an octopus, fish, or jelly fish. Visitors adapt to the planet being visited, and thus these visitors from water worlds remain in water tanks during the visit. In the future, visits from Earth to this new water home will require the hominoid visitors to likewise make the accommodations, by wearing protective suits and bubble helmets for breathing.

Below written on Jul 29, 2005 for the bbsradio Radio show, 'Waterworld'.

Humans, being land based animals with hands and digits that can manipulate their environment cannot imagine being an intelligent creature in a water world. Fins? Tentacles? How does one work a keyboard or accumulate a 401K or conduct the equivalent of dentistry as a water creature? Modern civilization has as one of its driving engines electricity, which surely would not work in a water world unless mass suicide were desired. Does knowledge about their history get passed down to the young by the fishy equivalent of word of mouth, as legends? If they have the equivalent of the written word, what is the tablet, and more importantly, what holds the pen? Certainly, the ink could not be water soluble. Issues of warfare do not seem so unimaginable, as mankind has scarcely stepped away from the fist fight as automatic response, and all animals have some sort of defense mechanism, be it fight or flight.

Spiritual growth or spiritual interaction does not require the trappings of modern civilization - electricity, long distance communication, and dentures. Spiritual growth was ongoing during the days of the cave man, and proceeds today in Third World countries where life is scarcely better. In trying to project what life might be like in a waterworld, man should not assume that light is a necessity! Or even eyes. It has been documented that some blind men can read printed words through their skin, sensing some difference in the light emitted. Telepathy, a 6th sense, is used in the animal kingdom extensively, a method by which mothers communicate to their young, the herd or flock communicates with its members, and mating pairs find each other. For spiritual growth, what is needed is for the incarnated creature to be able to interact with each other, to enable anothers life, improve it, out of caring, or conversely to punish, intimidate, or starve another out of concern only for the self. Guns and knives and the oppression of debt are not needed to enable or express a Service-to-Self orientation. In a waterworld, snatching food from those weaker, blocking the way so that escape from a threatening situation is delayed, are all tools by which the selfish can demonstrate, by their actions, their chosen orientation. Likewise, opportunities to care for one another are available to every species.

High tech? Is electricity the only medium by which a creature becomes high tech? We have stated that crop circles are laid by water creatures, their only opportunity to participate. Crop circles are made by a ray which incites a growth hormone in the crop, combined with wind action caused by changes in the air over the spot to be swirled. Particle movement is not incited simply by the press of electrons. In man's world, heat, light, and electrons seem to go together, but those seeing crop circles laid down have not reported that either heat or light are a necessary component. Perhaps, in their waterworld, they have identified particles to be manipulated that mankind has not yet dreamed exist. Even sound waves, which utilize anything physical around them to be transmitted, can travel long distances, through oceans, being one of the means by which whale pods communicate with each other. If man needs phones or carrier pigeons, whales do not. Status within a society, rules and laws, can certainly be enacted in a waterworld. The dolphin has been noted to swarm to protect their young, or even hapless human swimmers, from danger or attack. What message goes out to the group that their help is required? Is this not a societal expectation known to all? These rules are not written on paper, for the dolphin, they are written in the creature, passed down by interaction, old to young, and are kept simple, devoid of pedantic qualifiers, for that reason. Is this not a better system than the contorted system that man has developed?

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