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ZetaTalk: Intelligent Insects

Note: written Dec 15, 1996

Life evolves in a similar manner regardless of the predominant atomic elements on any given world. Carbon based or silicon based, the process of DNA evolution is strikingly similar. Add to that the factor of seeding potential life bearing planets and the similarities between life that develops on one world and life that develops on another may be almost identical. However, the environment on a given planet may be harsh to one type of life form and ideal for another.

In the case of planets where insects emerge as predominant, some insect forms begin to eat other insects, and thus can grow larger. Humans, used to insect forms that are tiny, are seeing what occurs when all insect forms are consumed by others. On Earth, insects are consumed not only by other insects but also are the favorite food of birds, reptiles, and rodents. For any insect to evolve as a large specimen on Earth would require a protected environment where none of the other Earth creatures could discover it. This is simply not the case on your Earth, but is the case on those rare worlds where insects evolve as the predominant, and eventually the intelligent, species.

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