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ZetaTalk: Awareness
Note: written during the Feb 15, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Those humans who have pre-knowledge of the coming events, the pole shift and its effect on the world, the Aftertime and how it will unfold, have varying reactions to holding this information, and various reactions as to what to do with it. Not all these humans are contactees, as many simply tap into recent events, read history, study geology, and note the erratic and irrational behavior of the major governments of the world.

Thus, the common man, watching this comedy of errors, knows that something is up. They increasingly give the Call, and get a proper answer. Then discussions start at the coffee house, the bar, the family table, with an interpretation that most would not come up with on their own, and a larger group now is watching the skies. Why the skies? Who pointed to the skies in the first place? Who implied that Earth changes were about to occur, from the core of the Earth. Star Wars has been pushed outside of any rationale, with a kind of desperation. Disbursing the troops around the world, mustering all in the reserves, and pouring money into the military as though an emergency were right at hand. This is an emergency that is self wrought, by the Bush Administration, as no new attacks have occurred since 911. Thus, this reaction is suspect, the skies as a source of danger, la Near Earth Orbit asteroids fretted about in the news as though they were a new threat. Movies suddenly taking a different turn, over the past decade or so, with volcanoes spewing up in the middle of cities, asteroids plummeting toward Earth, and the world covered by water for an unexplained reason.

Thus, increasing knowledge of coming Earth changes, somehow involving the skies, from space, is spreading, and no credit to ZetaTalk or other sources of this truth as the elite have done this to themselves. Now, what do those with a firm sense of what is coming do with this information? Primarily, they attempt to find someone who will talk this through with them. This usually results in a hard rejection, and depending upon the nature of the human and the culture they live in, they will either hold this to themselves, waiting their opportunity to find a willing ear, or keep searching. If they are determined to find others whom they can talk to, they will explore their social environment until they find others who will at least listen. Almost invariably, the human will inform their family and close friends of their sense, their worry, and take opportunities to point out when circumstances around them or in the news prove them right.

The degree to which they do this is dependent upon the human, whether they are confrontational or comfortable with being considered an outsider, or fearful. The more bold among them, often the very young or those without much to lose as they are just starting out in life, may make public assertions. And there are the warriors among them, who virtually impale themselves in the battle, risking all to make a statement they feel is important and pressing. At the present time, those who spoke out are feeling a bit more comfortable, as world events are proving them not wrong, but courageous. Thus, increasingly, those who fell to the back, into the shadows, saying nothing, are coming forward, finding their voice. This trend will continue as the Earth changes become severe, the governments of the world making slips in their announcements. Many find courage in a crowd, saying alike, and this eventually becomes an open discussion, with those who would debunk going into hiding, falling silent.

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