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ZetaTalk: Aftertime Calls

The 100 years after the pole shift are a time of transition for planet Earth, in that it is not wholly divided into Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self groups separated by the rules that govern 4th Density spiritual groups. Yet there will be pockets, whole countries or continents even, which are operating in this spiritual orientation, and quarantined from interaction with others in 4th Density of the other orientation. As we have stated in the Rules section of ZetaTalk, visitors to Earth operating in the Service-to-Others orientation, or the Service-to-Self orientation, are required to enter into an Engagement in order to interact with each other. These Engagements are overseen by the Council of Worlds, and proceed within rules such that chaos does not reign. Unless an Engagement exists, the orientations do not interact.

However, in 3rd Density, in the main composed of undecided entities not fully leaning toward either orientation, all interact without Engagements. The Call, which is a type of Engagement between an undecided entity in 3rd Density and a visitor, is also controlled by rules, such that the visitor cannot simply have their way with the immature entity. Service-to-Self visitors are thus not allowed to invade, occupy, eat, or otherwise have their way with humans who give the Call to them. The Call is a conference, solely. In the situation we have described, where Service-to-Others communities of humans form after the shift, and are joined by Hybrids or visitors from many worlds, what rules will apply? This is in fact no more complicated than situations on Earth today, where many Star Children are incarnated with developed spirits from 4th Density or higher, yet are living among humans in human society.

Thus, increasingly, this sorts out so that human survivors are talking to their neighbors, not visitors, which is the rule in 4th Density spiritual societies.

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