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ZetaTalk: Equivalents
Note: written Jan 15, 2000

Humans are often confused about The Call because so much of their lives are outer directed, controlled by society and the many people in society who consider control of prime importance. One must have a Social Security Number, have children registered in school, etc., and there are many shackles in life where humans are not free or out of the control of the establishment or the many people who form the web of the establishment. People are often in those positions of control because they are control freaks and it is extremely important to them to be in control. They go into management or politics or professions such as the medical profession or become preachers or teachers because they can control others. This can also be seen in wives who wrap a web of control around their husbands and children, or very attractive women using sex or their beauty to control others. It's endless.

Because of this, 3rd Density entities are confused when presented with the concept of The Call. Does this mean they have knocked on the door of a teacher and stated that they need help with their studies, and then being outer directed, they will be swept away and given a schedule? Humans are aware of telepathy, where one can be on the same wave length as another and will phone when a friend or relative is in distress. This telepathy is a form of The Call that humans can conceptualize. Basically, they are asking for a conversation with an old friend or relative who then phones them. Sometimes a request for The Call in human society is done by body language. A woman may wave her hand in a particular way and the policeman on the corner notices this and comes to her rescue. This is a Call to the policeman. One way to understand The Call is to consider it a form of communication outside of the modes that humans understand and normally use. It is a request for conversation and interaction, where the human initiates this conversation, outside of the modes humans understand such as approaching someone face-to-face, writing a letter, or picking up the phone.

When humans give The Call on a world being visited by entities from higher densities, they are asking to chat with these entities. This goes beyond asking for a chat. The human is asking for intervention. Where the visiting entities cannot intervene, the human is then asking for the information to be relayed to other humans who might be asking to be allowed to intervene, to help others. These two humans are both giving The Call, and as they are not calling concerned with themselves, their personal well being, and they are calling concerned about others, we as Service-to-Others entities respond to both these calls. We are aware of both, and it's not very hard to get both together during the same visitation, physically together on a space ship, having a chat.

This would all be recorded in the subconscious of the two humans, who might find themselves drawn in a certain direction, scanning faces in a crowd, perhaps, and before long find they find they are talking to each other like, though strangers, like long-lost brothers. Both find the other has been thinking about the same problem and one has a solution the other is seeking. This may seem like a remarkable coincidence, but it is not a coincidence at all. Various humans have given The Call, and various alien visitors have listened to this call. It's a request for information, for a conference, for counsel, or for opportunity. It's no different than knocking on a door or writing a letter except that this is done without the human's conscious knowledge. The human has subconscious knowledge, and certainly his soul knows. The Call is simply a more diverse type of communication with other entities.

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