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ZetaTalk: Prophecy
Note: written Jun 15, 1999

Prophecy occurs because a human has given The Call, as their desire to relay important messages is strong, and in addition they are considered a vehicle that is true, where the message given to them will not be distorted or diminished. Therefore it's very rare that the quality of the individual is such that they are charismatic, they are important enough that they are taken seriously, and they are a true vehicle that can communicate with a visitor from another world. The visitors are not from another time, but are from another world, from a distance. How then does it happen that future events are predicted? Is this not by looking into the future?

As far as the millennium is concerned, these prophecies point to around the year 2000, or very close to the year 2000. That your world will undergo extreme cataclysms, and that these happen periodically, is no mystery and is quite predictable. The 12th Planet is a traveling planet that comes through your solar system approximately every 3,657 years. It is as predictable as a train on a track, moving at a certain mph, perhaps dealing with a head wind or a tailwind. It is therefore possible to predict when it will come through, and where your Earth will be, how violent the passage will be, and the effect of this passage on Earth. You have had this message relayed to you various times, such as in the Bible where the rivers will run blood, and Armageddon, or by various seers who report cataclysmic visions.

The sense that many have of a pending WW III, something that those reading Nostradamus have interpreted, and that has been relayed by a number of people, is a result of predicting how people will respond to the stress of starvation, react to floods and droughts, or be opportunistic when they see their neighbors weakened. Such wars are not destined to occur, and mankind can take steps to prevent them.

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