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ZetaTalk: Visit from Kladen
Note: written Oct 15, 1996

Among the many true visitations recalled by the contactee and told to others was one that occurred in the 1970's in Canada, and the contactee has been an activist ever since. He had given The Call due to an intense desire to make a name for himself in the field of science, and thus the call was taken by those in the Service-to-Self. Where the contactee planned to use his visitors to further his ends, they likewise intended to use their contactee to further their ends, and they succeeded.

Weaving just enough truth into what they told him to perpetually spur him on, they told him about the coming passage of the 12th Planet in graphic detail. Then they lied and told him he could escape the cataclysms by joining them on the safe side of the Sun, on the Earth's twin, where they do indeed reside. Such an escape is not possible for those inclined toward Service-to-Self, but broadcasting such a message succeeds in focusing human energies in the wrong direction and increasing a sense of hopelessness when the cataclysms are upon them and the humans find they are not to be rescued. Like Tesla, the contactee has been energetically trying to build what he was assured could be his escape ship. Where he has not and will not succeed, he has succeeded in building a following.

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