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ZetaTalk: Emblems
Note: written Oct 15, 1996

As with incantations, emblems do not in and of themselves affect change, but effect change by their effect on the humans who view them. Emblems are not themselves inherently good or evil, as they simply stand as a symbol.

An emblem signifying the Sun, for instance, could carry a message of warmth, reliability, and the beneficence of an abundant harvest. It could likewise signify drought, searing heat, and a persistent dominance that those in the desert cannot escape. Where emblems are associated with results, they can incline a human to give The Call when in their presence. Such is the case with many religious emblems, but emblems and their effects on humans permeate human society beyond what they would suppose. The babe gazing at empty baby bottles washed and ready to be filled is reacting to them as an emblem, anticipating being cuddled and fed. The emblem of the Red Cross, for instance, inclines toward giving The Call to the Service-to-Others, as it signifies caring for others during times of great need and brings these thoughts to mind. The Nazis' swastika, in approximately the same shape, has become an emblem for those espousing elitism and cruelty to those outside the elite circle and brings these thoughts to mind. Thus emblems create results only due to human motivation and mental associations.

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