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ZetaTalk: Prime Targets
Note: written Aug 15, 1996

As the Awakening and concurrent Transformation proceed, those humans deemed to be prime targets by Service-to-Self aliens are less often those whose souls might be won to their orientation and more often individuals who might make a difference. These humans, almost invariably contactees of aliens in the Service-to-Others orientation, are not so much targeted directly as indirectly. Others close to them - children, employers, the extended family, neighbors - when giving The Call to the Service-to-Self, find their call not only answered promptly but by a team of specialists who explore to the limits possible how the human who gave The Call might be enlisted to harass and demoralize the target. This harassment is notable for being outside of what the contactee/target normally finds in their life, and this is the primary clue the contactee/target should be looking for. What are the methods used, and how might a contactee/target recognize them if they are applied to themselves or their friends.

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