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ZetaTalk: Hitler
Note: written Jun 15, 1996

Most often those strongly in the Service-to-Self do not announce themselves to the world, but prefer to hide behind a buffer, preferably a shield that can become a scapegoat if necessary. When one is pulling power plays, the battle can get bloody, and the scapegoat is then the one meeting with an accident. When one is going on a personal power trip by torturing others, the victims can escape and return seeking vengeance, and the scapegoat is then the one savaged. If one is operating outside the law, the operation can be discovered, and the scapegoat goes to jail. If one's behavior is scandalizing society's sense of propriety, the scapegoat is left to explain.

Thus, not surprisingly, the most hated Nazi leaders were not necessarily the driving force behind the worst of the Nazi deeds. The gas chambers and experiments on human subjects were not matters ordered or even conceived by Hitler, who was a charismatic speaker but basically a man without much backbone. His rumored suicide was an act this weak man would not have been up to - it was murder, to silence his blubbering mouth. The true perpetrators were in the main secret members of the Nazi elite who met quietly in small groups and were never in the spotlight. If Hitler's guard was running him as a puppet and considered him to be their buffer, then the real driver considered the guard their buffer, and thus to this day history does not blame them.

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