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ZetaTalk: Spirit Guides
Note: written Apr 15, 1996

Spirit guides act as monitors, and become involved in certain types of calls, but not all. Spirit guides are never those who firmly determine their orientation as Service-to-Self. The reason is obvious, as they would scarcely concern themselves with others. Thus spirit guides are in essence entities in the Service-to-Others who are active as administrators on spiritual matters. One could equate an incarnated entity's interaction with a spirit guide to a student in an independent study class, where the youngsters make their study selection and then proceed independently, to read or run experiments or whatever the choice entails. This equates to life.

Humans often assign a parental role to their spirit guides. As the spirit guides help determine the site and circumstances of their next incarnation, their next school term, it is natural for humans to expect the spirit guides to act as human parents do - ensuring that they are clothed and fed, safe from danger, and rescued if in a spot. Spirit guides do not do these functions. As we have stated, incarnations are a self teaching experience, and 3rd Density is a density in which new entities with emerging inclinations to be either Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other mix freely. Spirit guides are not spirit overseers, spirit parents, spirit policemen, spirit nurses, or spirit governors. The guides are available for The Call, but beyond that do not interfere.

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