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ZetaTalk: Awaiting the Call
Note: written Feb 15, 1996

We have stated that aliens are restrained from interfering with the free will of humans, must await The Call, and can only affect human affairs through human actions at this time. Do these rules get stretched, or have loopholes, or do aliens just watch and wait in agony? Both situations occur. Where The Call is being given almost continuously, and where the Earth is virtually swarming with alien visitors at this time, there is neither an excess of calls awaiting an answer nor an excess of visitors awaiting The Call - a good balance. However, within these parameters there is great flexibility.

For example, a high priority call is where a human desiring contact is in a position to influence the course of human affairs, is in a leadership or pivotal position, and is judged to be of sufficient spiritual maturity that their resolve to complete their chosen mission is strong. Likewise, a low priority call, from the standpoint of influencing human affairs, would be a call from a human who is spiritually undecided as to their orientation, is waffling so that neither orientation could count on them to stay the course, and is giving The Call because they are concerned with a personal matter that affects little but themselves.

Beyond which calls get attention, there is the matter of what constitutes a response. This can range all the way from a brief conference with a single visitor to an elaborate series of visits from a virtual army of aliens. There are no rules guiding alien behavior on Earth that bound or constrain the size of a response to The Call. Therefore, where we must wait, we most certainly can anticipate and prepare, and in this regard, The Call is a mutual process.

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