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ZetaTalk: Unaware
Note: written Nov 15, 1995

Humans are astonished to learn they have given The Call and can dismiss alien encounters at will, as they have no awareness of this. Being unaware, they assume that someone else is in charge. However, even though the visit was recorded only in the subconscious there are definite signs that The Call has been given, and answered.

Take the example of a small town banker, who late in a life of quiet adherence to all the rules of social propriety and fiscal responsibility begins to seethe. Life has passed him by and he sees his declining years before him with no chance of a reprieve. He wants to break out of the mold but doesn't know how. He feels angry at his stocky wife, with whom intimacy long ago died, and wishes to be rid of her. He approaches stop signs in his conservative car and brakes reluctantly, wanting to gun through the intersection, non-stop. He finds himself staring at the balance sheets that pass before him, musing about what money can and can't do for a person. In short, he is at one of those times that occur several times during a lifetime when he is giving The Call, whether he is aware of it or not.

Now, since the banker is focused on himself at this time, The Call has been extended to those in the Service-to-Self orientation. He is perhaps visited in the bank while working after hours, and is encouraged in his line of thinking. Take the money and run; pick up someone young and appreciative elsewhere; money can buy love - that type of encouragement. Two possible outcomes are most likely. In one, the banker, emboldened by the unhesitating encouragement he has received, embezzles. Finding this deed undiscovered the next day, he embezzles more, and then feeling that he has tempted fate after a few days or weeks, he bolts for the border. In the other outcome, the banker allows himself to contemplate the results of his planned actions but is distressed at the thought of his friends and neighbors having to make up the loss. He puts his rebellious feelings aside, and distracts himself with a new hobby such as gardening.

In both outcomes the banker has marked a change in his life as a result of having given The Call. His friends and family notice that he moves from brooding and irritability to either acting out of character by absconding with the money or for unexplained reasons becoming a more devoted husband and gardener. In like manner, humans who have given The Call to those in the Service-to-Others orientation may suddenly find courage to confront oppressors, give away possessions to others in need, or rescue others they formerly ignored - all the while unaware.

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