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ZetaTalk: Enlightenment
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

There are a number of supposedly alien entities in disembodied state, who purport to advise humans about spiritual growth which they term enlightenment. This is to mean, generally, gaining knowledge about how things work. However, the information supposedly transmitted, or channeled as the case may be, does not give any information that the recipient can challenge, nor can the advice even be applied in a way that can test the theory, so those who deliver the message are safe from this type of harassment.

What is enlightenment? Do you not become enlightened when you attend school, read a book, browse around on the Internet, or even learn from painful experience? This is enlightenment, as sure as any other. However, these supposedly disembodied entities, disbursing wisdom, are suggesting to mankind that there is wisdom that only they can disburse. First, of course, you must buy the book or attend the master's lecture and the like. In other words, support the individual who is disbursing this enlightenment. We have this to say about these knowledge elites.

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