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ZetaTalk: Devil
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Devil is reputed to be a red creature with a pointed tail and two horns, most often carrying a three pronged fork. Is this a mythological creature, or does it have a basis in reality, and if so, how did it come to be associated with evil? In fact, the Devil is not far in description from a real creature, who lives and breaths today, albeit not on Earth. This creature visited Earth in the past, and, to say the least, made an impression. Why the three pronged fork, and does the number 3 have a significance? It does indeed.

The Devil of lore is a fairly accurate picture of an extraterrestrial who visited Earth millennia ago, briefly. This visit preceded the time when the Bible was to be written, and thus the memories of this entity were fresh and strong. This was a 4th Density entity, who came alone except for his entourage, in answer to The Call from a group of humans strongly oriented toward Service-to-Self. This call was given in mid Africa, but once called this entity roamed about a bit, answering The Call from others in the vicinity. He is indeed red, all over, and to humans in close contact he would seem to exude heat. Thus he was associated with the concept of fire, as one who could live comfortably within fire. His personality, to those in contact with him, seemed fiery also, given to flashes of temper and severe punishments - the Devil.

This entity came to Earth with an entourage, a threesome, who carried pointed sticks used for communications. They stood at attention, to the rear or side of their master, as the Service-to-Self orientation requires a strict pecking order. Their sticks were all in a row, pointed upward. Humans saw this as a threat, as weapons that could be pointed toward them or used to prod them. Thus the 3 pronged pointed fork.

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