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ZetaTalk: Lightworker

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Humans are familiar with the term caseworker, as one who works on a case such as a welfare case, a child abuse case, a probation case. Caseworker is a term used in a sociological context. Substitute caseworker for lightworker and you get the gist of the meaning of the term. The term lightworker refers to one who is working to bring mankind into the light, or into knowledge of how the Universe works. Contactees use this term loosely to refer to their contacting alien or spirit. It is not a bad analogy, and is an apt term, as all aliens working on Earth are here to influence mankind in some manner. Lightworkers sometimes refer to themselves as being in the family of light, which is just their way of saying that they are a group.

As some aliens are here to influence mankind to join the Service-to-Self orientation, we feel the term lightworker should not be applied to them, but humans sometimes have difficulty differentiating and those in the Service-to-Self can use very deceptive inducements at times. All who claim they are lightworkers should not be given the benefit of the doubt without some scrutiny first. What are their motives and methods? What seems to be their goal? Humans should take charge of their contacts, and be discerning.

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