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ZetaTalk: Technological Call
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Many call for assistance with technological advances, such as free-energy-machines. At this time we are restrained from simply giving mankind a gift, by the rules set by the Council of Worlds. Mankind, as scientists or researchers, can however give The Call for assistance on technological progress, and it is possible that this call will be answered. How are these calls sorted out, and what determines whether a call such as this is to be answered or not? Many things.

The true intention of the human giving The Call is the first and foremost determinant. As we are Service-to-Others Zetas, we consider The Call in this light. Has the caller a true desire to help others, or is The Call weighed primarily in the direction of profit and fame. If the caller is truly in the Service-to-Others orientation, we look to the result of fulfilling the request. Will the technological device be used by others, stolen or coerced, so that it will become a device for profit and fame rather than the intended result? If the situation has what we would deem adequate safeguards, we would proceed to the next determination. It should be pointed out that there are scarcely any situations that meet the previous test. If this test is met, we then consider whether the human giving The Call has the personal capability to bring his request to fruit. In the main, there is far more desire than capacity.

The caller must be able to understand our instructions, our explanations. This requirement again narrows down the possibilities, as perhaps only 1% of the callers who are positioned to assure the technological device will not be misused, and who are truly of the Service-to-Others orientation, qualify.

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