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ZetaTalk: Collective Call
Note: written Apr 15, 2002

Regarding the larger social arena, to what might be termed the communal or collective call. How is this arranged? How does this work? Humans familiar with the Constitution expect their voice to at least carry a vote, and their vote to carry forward to another vote, that of a representative. In this way the human feels they have had input. This issue of the collective call is unclear to humans. However, this works in a way easily understood. Votes are taken, the vote of each individual having an equal weight. These vote totals are then factored into equations, set by the Council of Worlds. For instance, at the present time, as the Earth is to become a home for the Service-to-Others oriented, due to their greater prevalence, a collective call from humans so inclined is given greater significance.

Would a mass call on an issue be given more attention? In the first place, there is no such thing. Where votes can be collected in this manner, each individual gives the Call based on their own concerns, and even if in verbal and conscious agreement, on this or that day, at this or that hour, to put forth a Call with great intensity, these Calls would differ. Thus, we are back to treating the individuals. And in like manner, The Call results in action only through individual humans. Since the Call is for a conference, as we as aliens can only consult, the best that could be done would be to inform, and encourage, a concerned human to take action themselves. This is what we expect, during the Chemtrails/Contrails drama, that disgusted humans will leak information to the press, will create accidents whereby this information is revealed, etc. In all cases, action is by humans, not aliens as parents coming to the rescue. You are in charge of the world, your Earth, and you must take action to make a difference!

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