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ZetaTalk: Simultaneous Call
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Can there be conflicting calls, situations where there is a conflict in calls given simultaneously, in the same human drama? This can and does happen! An example. Friends are sitting around the same living room. One is feeling insecure, and is given to desire more power over others. The insecure one gives The Call, and a response comes from the ambassadors from the Service-to-Self orientation. They may remove this insecure one from the living room for a conference. They may freeze the others in the room, to allow time for this conference to occur. Now the insecure one has returned, emboldened.

Meanwhile, in conflict, a friend in the room is concerned about the insecure one. This friend gives The Call to ambassadors from the Service-to-Others orientation. They, simultaneously, come to confer with the concerned friend. These conferences may in fact occur at the same time. It could happen that while the insecure one was conferring with the Service-to-Self alien entities, the concerned friend was off also conferring with the Service-to-Others alien entities. All others in the living room, as spectators, are frozen in place, awaiting the return of the others.

Now, returned from their conferences, the insecure one and the concerned friend are returned, while the others in the living room are awake. All are not consciously aware that anything at all has happened. They in all likelihood will think that nothing at all has occurred, and that no time at all has passed from the instant before these conferences. Such is the nature of alien entity interactions with humans. The frozen state, and the conscious forgetfulness, are utterly common.

The insecure one, emboldened, makes his power move, perhaps with new insight into what will intimidate those he wishes to have under his control. The concerned friend, also having conferred, will counter these moves with insight, perhaps bolstering the insecure one in unexpected ways so that the game plan given by the Service-to-Self crowd does not come into play, as not needed or relied upon. These dramas have come into play in the past, are happening today, and will unfold in the future. Even when humans have evolved spiritually into 4th Density, there will be such dramas, as there will be spiritual entities of higher density to advise one, when given The Call.

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