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ZetaTalk: Cornered Victim
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

What humans call a participation, even a desire, on the part of a given victim, is misunderstood. Who truly wants to be a victim? What has been described as participation is in fact a capitulation. The unfortunate human, finding themselves in the position of being, once again, in a trap, hurries the ending. This is to reduce their pain, not cause it. Where does the victim not feel trapped? Humans often have little freedom in their life choices, due to societal restrictions.

Can one truly escape? The spouse leaving a marriage rids him or her self of the conflict, but takes on regret and loneliness, and almost always derogation from others. The employee leaving a job after harassment finds they cannot secure another, and co-workers learn of this. Are they thereafter more or less free to chose to leave their employer, when receiving the same harassment? The child, under abuse from enraged parents lashing out at a target that cannot protect itself, can run away from home, but senses, even with its limited knowledge of the outside world, that they will present such a target for others, too.

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