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ZetaTalk: World War II

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

As with affairs of today, interference by alien groups with the progress of World War II occurred only through humans. If a human gave The Call, and requested information or assistance from an alien group, such as the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other entity groups, this would have been answered then as today. In fact, throughout human history the same rules have essentially been in place regarding contact with humans. The Call was given to both groups, but a stronger call was given to the Service-to-Self groups by, primarily, members of the Nazis and their allies.

They wished for power and tools of destruction. They wished to learn how humans could be put to death so that death was not quick or painless or without anxiety for loved ones. The humans who gave The Call to the Service-to-Self entity groups were concerned with how to produce the strongest sense of helplessness in humans, so as to produce, in the future, the strongest harvest for those in the Service-to-Self orientation. We need not detail what the Nazis did, under Himmler and his aids, along these lines. Humans were not only systematically starved, and beaten, knowing all the while they were headed for the gas chambers, but they were given possible outs. They could turn on their friends and family, on strangers poignantly in need. They could brutalize each other to spare themselves a little bit. As with cattle mutilations today, and the implicit treatment of humans, violations were done to humans who were then allowed to live and contemplate these violations, their horror. Violated humans were returned to the masses awaiting an end to their torment, so that these anxious souls would see what the Nazis could do to one of them.

All this treatment, calculated means to destroy the will of the soul so that it becomes resigned to being dominated by others, was by design. Senior members of the Service-to-Self orientation were in attendance to assist those humans who gave The Call to them.

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